Identifying the gap in the industry between survey operations and project needs, we decided to step in the global industry of construction to provide you with waste-free, integrated, fully customized and high-tech solutions to make your process seamless and definitive for your project needs. We are here to be a part of your community and complete it where it is feeling empty.

Our focus on waste reduction is built into every aspect of our service delivery. By making sure that our survey information directly aligns with project needs, we eliminate the waste of time, resources, and effort that is often associated with misaligned or irrelevant survey data.

30+ years experience

Our international team has over 30 years of experience as architectural technician, designers, BIM consultants and surveying.

100% on time delivery

We deliver excellence on time, first time. We’re proud of our success rates and always meet deadlines.

24/7 support

We don’t work the 9-5. Our team works remotely from around the world. When you need us, we’re available.

Our Team

Jimi Clarke FOUNDER

Jimi Clarke


Adeel Khaliq CEO

Adeel Khaliq


GIULIA GALETTO - Head of Technical Operations

Giulia Galetto

Head of Technical Operations

DANIEL BANTACUR - Information Manager

Daniel Betancur

Information Manager

DANIEL POSADA - Information Manager

Daniel Posada

Information Manager

JANNAH BARLUADO - Information Manager

Jannah Barluado

Information Manager


Zain Kaiser

Architectural Manager


We aspire to revolutionize the survey process in the global construction industry by integrating survey team with the project team. With seamless, high-tech and waste-free solutions that are customized as demanded, we aspire to be the ‘first choice survey services provider’ offering comprehensive solutions to contractors and designers. Just as DDC Solutions is a beacon for BIM and project process, we strive to be the same for surveying services – reliable, innovative, and always one step ahead.

How We Work

How We Work

Our Values

Project Integration

We believe in the power of collaboration and integration. Rather than operating in silos, our survey team works closely with the client team to ensure that the survey information is perfectly tailored to the project needs.

Waste Reduction

By improving the survey process and aligning it closely with project requirements, we aim to minimize waste, thus contributing to more efficient and sustainable construction practices.


Innovation and Customization

If a solution does not exist to meet a client’s needs, we will innovate and create it. Our services are customized to provide the most cost-effective, time-effective, and risk-free outcomes.



Just as with DDC Solutions, we believe in the value of the people who make our industry thrive. We use technology to enable people’s freedom of movement and offer more ownership of their time with an outcome-based service delivery model.

Global Responsibility

As part of the global construction team, we are committed to aligning our work with the United Nations’ goals, including sustainable cities and communities, and decent work and economic growth

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