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How Much Does 3D Laser Scanning Cost?

How Much Does 3D Laser Scanning Cost?

How Much Does 3D Laser Scanning Cost?

The visualisation and planning of projects in various industries, including cinema, manufacturing, archaeology, and construction, have been transformed by 3D laser scanning technology. These cutting-edge tools make it possible to precisely record complex environments and objects and turn them into digital representations. 

Nevertheless, despite its advantages, potential customers often ask how much 3D laser scanning costs? In this blog, we’ll examine the variables that affect 3D laser scanning service costs, the possible price range, and money-saving tips. 

Knowing these expenses is essential for making wise selections, whether you’re thinking about a one-time project or incorporating laser scanning into everyday operations.  

What is a 3D Laser Scanning Survey?

A 3D laser scan survey is like taking a 3D image of a building with a specialised camera. It makes the building’s intricacies visible in three dimensions. The laser scanner shoots out a laser beam that measures the distance to each object it encounters. Using the data, we create a digital representation of the object’s surface called a 3D point cloud.

When used for inspection, a 3D laser scanner can provide comprehensive information about a building’s structure, including its shape, materials, and issues. This can benefit those wanting to renovate ancient structures or add new spaces.

Software Used in 3D Laser Scanning

  1. ArchiCAD
  2. AutoCAD
  3. Revit
  4. Sketchup

How Much Does 3D Laser Scanning Cost?

The size and complexity of the object being scanned will determine the cost of 3D laser scanning a structure. GPRS has experience in many industries and for all scopes of work, so we can promptly price 3D laser scanning jobs. We collaborate with clients to identify the deliverables we must produce and the site data we need to collect. Costs can vary from $2,000 to more than $100,000.

3D laser scanning typically costs per square foot or square metre. This rate is higher initially for more minor works and decreases quickly as the scope increases.

A GPRS Project Manager will consider the following factors to determine the extent and 3D scan prices.

  1. Location
  2. Scope of work
  3. Square footage
  4. Site images
  5. Site plans
  6. Building or site complexity
  7. Building or site access and occupancy
  8. Deliverables
  9. Level of detail (if CAD drawings or 3D modelling is required)
  10. Project Timeline
  11. Specific requirements, such as night or weekend scanning

Factors That Affect 3D Scan Price

Factors That Affect 3D Scan Price
Following are some factors that determine the 3d laser scanning cost per square foot:

1. Complexity of the Object

The shape and complexity of the object or building being scanned influence the cost. For instance, scanning a building with numerous intricate details or a complex structure can require more time for accurate results. This additional time and effort can raise the cost.

2. Size of Project

The volume of the project is critical. More essential projects usually mean more work and a higher cost. We calculate the level of detail necessary for the scan based on the size of the area we need to scan.

3. Level of Detail

The information needed in the CAD model and laser scan is the primary factor influencing the coverage area and cost. The cost of scanning and CAD modelling will increase if your scan needs to be precise to capture minute details. For example, monitoring and modelling every 3/4-inch conduit when scanning a factory or plant takes much more time and effort. However, this is an excellent option if you only need to observe process piping with a diameter of 2 inches or less. Something like this has the potential to double project expenses.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Obtain accurate point clouds, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models
  3. Manual Labour Reduction
  4. Real-Time Data Verification
  5. Reflector less Technology

What is the Duration of a 3D Laser Scanning Process?

What is the Duration of a 3D Laser Scanning Process?
A 3D laser scanner’s scan time might range from a few minutes to several hours. However, remember that this is only the scanning phase at this point. Processing the data after scanning is finished may take longer to produce the final 3D model. The precise time needed for a 3D scan is still being determined. It depends on numerous aspects. No matter how long it takes, a thorough 3D model is produced.

Tip: Price isn't Everything

Our best advice is that price is only sometimes indicative of the best value, and it may be a risk going with the lowest bidder (unless it is us, of course!). You don’t want a laser scanning company willing to take shortcuts on quality. Such a company may use old or outdated equipment that has yet to be calibrated recently or use unqualified or inexperienced people. You may receive deliverables prepared with unlicensed software. 

We recommend a clear project scope to get what you expect and save money and time on something unusable. There are exceptions to every rule, but it is best to pay more to ensure good quality and satisfaction.

Survey2Plan- Your 3D Laser Scanning Expert

We are leading the way in revolutionising industries with our innovative Technology. Using LiDAR technology and sophisticated point cloud processing methods, we provide complete 3D laser scanning surveys. Look no further than Survey2Plan if you are searching for a reliable laser scanning business and want to determine how much a 3D laser scan survey will cost.

At S2P (Survey2Plan), we understand the significance of 3D laser scanner price and cost-effectiveness. We ensure you receive the most return on your investment with reasonable pricing and clear breakdowns. Our 3D laser scanning services are customised to your requirements and deliver precise data that helps your projects.

Trust S2P (Survey2Plan) for all your 3D laser scanning requirements and allow us to improve your operations with precise and affordable solutions. We take immense pleasure in being a dependable partner in the field, providing our clients with outstanding outcomes and unmatched laser scanning skills.

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