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Common Challenges in Conducting Measured Building Surveys and How to Overcome Them

Common Challenges in Conducting Measured Building Surveys and How to Overcome Them

Common Challenges in Conducting Measured Building Surveys and How to Overcome Them

Does your measured building survey lack accuracy and precision? Are you finding it extremely difficult to access all parts of the building? Or the complex building layouts of historic structures with all these intricate details and irregular shapes making it difficult to extract comprehensive and exact data?

If this sounds familiar, stay with us as our surveying experts explore these challenges and offer solutions to overcome them.

But let’s first find out what measured building survey is.

What is a Measured Building Survey?

These are the surveys that accurately present any given structure, including its external and internal features. Moreover, measured surveys also represent the services of the buildings. They are so detailed that they provide you with anything, such as intricate scaled-down virtual versions of your building to a simple floor plan. You can duplicate doors, staircase, windows, furniture, and all the other features of the property using measurement maps. Stakeholders need these surveys for a wide array of reasons such as major refurbishment, structural development, lease plans, or space plans.

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Common Challenges in Conducting Measured Building Surveys & How to Overcome Them

Now that you have ample understanding about measurement surveys, let’s explore the challenges and solutions to overcome them.

Accessibility Issues

One of the biggest challenges faced by surveyors while conducting measurement surveys is difficulty accessing all areas of the building. It is because some parts of buildings are different to reach either because of any or all the following reasons:

  1. Safety Concerns
  2. Physical Obstruction
  3. Restricted Areas

You can overcome the challenge of accessibility by an amalgamation of traditional and modern approaches. Use drones to capture high-resolution images and videos of hard-to-reach areas, deploy laser scanners and 3D imaging tools to create accurate representation of spaces, and rely on historical data and architectural drawings to extract useful information where you face complete restriction on physical access.

2. Accuracy and Precision

When it comes to data, accuracy and precision is something that you can’t make any compromise on. However, several limitations such as human error, equipment limitations, and environmental conditions.

To overcome challenges associated with accuracy and precision, you should use high-quality and calibrated equipment along with following standardized procedures.

Pro-tip* Employing laser scanning technology, which can capture precise measurements with minimal error, is highly effective.

Also, you should conduct regular training sessions to keep your team abreast of contemporary practices. Furthermore, such sessions also reduce the likelihood of human errors manifold. Lastly, cross-checking measurements and using redundant systems to verify data also improves accuracy of your measurements.

3. Complex Building Layouts

Complex Building Layouts

Buildings with complex layouts, such as highly complex historic structures with irregular shapes and intricate details, remain a major headache for surveyors.

You can overcome this challenge by deploying advanced surveying technologies including 3D laser scanning and Building Information Modelling. These techniques and processes are way more effective, handling complex layouts more efficiently than traditional methods.

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Using BIM, you can create detailed and accurate digital models of intricate structures with high precision. If you are conducting surveys to extract measurements of historic buildings, our experts recommend you collaborate closely with conservative experts to identify critical features. Likewise, you should break the whole measured building survey project into smaller and manageable sections. Integrate the data to further simply the process.

4. Time Constraints

All surveys, including measurement surveys face the dilemma of tight deadlines (we know it sounds sad but it’s the reality). The challenge of adhering to tight deadlines often results in making compromises on quality and accuracy of the survey.

When you are dealing with tight deadlines, efficient planning and scheduling are the key. To address this challenge, you must conduct measurement surveys using advanced tools to speed up the data collection process. Likewise, implement a systematic approach to clearly define and prioritize tasks. Furthermore, involve all stakeholders in the planning process to ensure that the survey aligns with the overall project timeline.

5. Data Management and Integration

Another major challenge is handling a mammoth amount of data and integration of the same into a coherent and usable format. Add issues of inconsistencies in data formats and software compatibility issues, the whole project becomes a mess. The solution to this problem lies in BIM’s information management.

Use BIM to streamline data management and integration. Advanced BIM software such as Revit enables you to seamlessly integrate different data types and formats. Additionally, investing in robust data management systems and ensuring that all team members are trained to use these systems effectively can mitigate data-related challenges.

We thoroughly understand that investing heavily in BIM for a single project might not be practical. Therefore, hire services of BIM consultants to ensure seamless information management throughout project lifecycle and to maximize your profits.

Measurement Surveys – What Sets Us Apart?

Here at S2P, we aren’t just a team of surveyors; rather, we are accompanied by architectural technicians, engineers, and BIM consultants. This diversity and rich experience greatly help us in understanding the importance of accurate data for your projects. With S2P, you get:

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Additionally, our measured building surveyors meet tight deadlines with ease. So, stop bombarding Google’s search boxes with phrases like measured building surveys near me or top measured building survey experts in UK. Instead, book your free consultation to get a no-obligation quote and ace your next project with accuracy and precision.

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