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Choosing the Right Surveyor for Your Measured Building Survey Needs

Choosing the Right Surveyor for Your Measured Building Survey Needs

Choosing the Right Surveyor for Your Measured Building Survey Needs

Are inaccurate building measurements derailing your project timelines and making it more difficult to stay within budget? Is your project suffering from poor communication and a lack of accountability from your surveyor? Are you facing unexpected costs that were not disclosed upfront?

If this sounds familiar, Survey2Plan has a solution. Being a leader in the measured building surveying industry in the UK, we thoroughly understand that the right surveyor makes all the difference when precise data is required.

In this article, our experts walk you through the process of selecting the right measured building surveyor for your projects. So, stay with us!

Understanding Measured Building Surveys

Surveyors use measured building surveys, also known as measurement surveys, to get accurate and detailed representations of buildings. An in-depth and top-quality measured survey captures all structural and architectural elements of any given structure. These surveys find their usage in a wide array of applications, including renovations, restorations, extensions, and new builds. The data extracted through these surveys become the foundation for the planning, design, and construction phases. Thus, we can say it without an iota of doubt that measured surveys document every aspect of the building with precision (if carried out professionally using cutting-edge tools and software).

The Importance of Accuracy and Reliability

Inaccurate surveys lead to significant issues down the line. Discrepancies such as incorrect floor plans and misaligned structural elements will result in project cost overruns while also making it extremely difficult to adhere to strict deadlines. What does it translate into? Accuracy and reliability are cornerstones of any measured building survey.

Therefore, when selecting a surveyor, it’s crucial to prioritize those who demonstrate a track record of delivering precise and dependable results. 

Below are key considerations when choosing a surveyor:

Key Considerations When Choosing a Surveyor

Choosing the right surveyor involves more than just comparing prices. Here are some key factors to consider:

Experience and Expertise

There’s no substitute for experience in the surveying industry. An experienced surveyor will have encountered a wide array of challenges and scenarios in his surveying career and has equipped himself to handle any challenge that may arise during the project. Therefore, we recommend you look for a team that has a proven track record of success in measurement surveys. 

Here at Survey2Plan, we have decades of experience as we have worked on projects of all sizes. Furthermore, our team comes from a diverse background and diverse teams are way better at problem solving and making decisions.

Technology and Tools

Experience is invaluable, but when accompanied by cutting-edge tools and software, it can make your project time and cost-efficient. When selecting a measured building surveyor in the UK, you must ensure that they have latest equipment, including 3D laser scanners, and are experts in UK Building Information Modelling or BIM. These two factors greatly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your surveys.

At Survey2Plan, we are not just surveyors. We are a diverse team of architect technicians, BIM experts, engineers, and modelers. Therefore, when you hire us for measured building surveys, you unlock access to a wealth of experience and expertise. So, book your free consultation to get a free and no-obligation quote and to embark on a journey of seamless project delivery.

The tools and software used in measured building surveys have advanced significantly. Modern technology, such as 3D laser scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM), can greatly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of surveys. Ensure that your surveyor utilizes the latest tools and software to provide the best possible results.

Dedicated Account Manager

Communication is key to ensure that all your requirements are timely conveyed to the surveyor and to keep you updated about all the developments. Therefore, explore the website to find out if your surveyor provides you with a dedicated account manager (because if you ask, they are obviously going to reply in yes out of fear of losing a project or client).

A dedicated account manager will become an extension of your team and shield your interests. He/she will become a single point of contact who understands your project’s unique needs and coordinate all aspects of the survey process. All of this will translate into clear communication, timely updates, and a smoother overall experience.

With S2P, you’ll always get a dedicated account manager because we believe in building relationships and not just in completing projects for the sake of completing projects. This core business philosophy has enabled us to enjoy an almost 100% customer retention rate.


Projects evolve and so do the survey needs. Therefore, it is imperative to pick a surveyor who offers flexibility and multiple revisions. It will save you both time and money.

Thanks to a decade of experience in the construction industry, we understand that projects often evolve, and the evolution will translate into changes in your survey needs. Therefore, we provide up to 10 free revisions to ensure your survey data remains accurate and up to date throughout your project lifecycle.

Transparent Pricing

It has been observed that a lot of projects suffer from hidden costs and unexpected fees. When picking the right measured building surveyor, you must ensure that you get transparent pricing with no surprises down the line.

With S2P, you get the transparent pricing. When you book a free consultation, our experts sit with you and ask all the questions to fully understand your project’s requirements. Only after that, you receive a free and no-obligation quote from us. Thus, we help you maintain financial control over your project.

If you have got any further questions, reach out to us.

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