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Benefits of a Topographic Survey

Benefits of Topographic Survey

Benefits of a Topographic Survey

Don’t know how topographic surveys contribute towards precise construction projects? Or do you wish to know about the secrets of successful land development? Know that you have come to the right place.

Today, we will focus on the benefits of topographic surveys and how they facilitate sustainable infrastructure development. We will also discuss how you can define the objectives of a topographic survey. Make sure that you read the blog till the end for informed decision-making. 

Benefits of Conducting a Topographic Survey

Without any further delays, we would like to dive right into the benefits of conducting topo surveys. So, allow us to mention that a topo survey allows to find out an area quicker than other manual methods. In addition, topo surveys also help in planning development for commercial and residential purposes. Let’s further explore how topographic surveys can benefit multiple sectors and individuals. Topographic surveys provide crucial information to get one’s hands on accurate data about the conditions of a piece of land. These surveys are conducted by utilizing specialized equipments, tools and software. And, of course, several experts are also assigned to conduct topo surveys such as land surveyors. Usually, the land surveyors are the first people to be present physically at a piece of land to examine and analyze it. We would also like to mention here that topographic surveys can be divided into three categories which are:
  1. Land surveys
  2. Aerial surveys
  3. Measured building surveys

1. Accurate Understanding of the Sites

Without having proper knowledge of the site itself, nobody can plan out the actual development process. Or even the planning of it for that matter. So, what a topo survey does is that it provides the stakeholders with the right kind of information to help them understand the site. The information that is gathered is basically a comprehensive account of the land’s surface. Furthermore, the stakeholders also get access to know the terrain’s features; both natural and man-made. When a topographic survey is conducted in a landscape, it covers multiple factors such as land elevation, contour lines, water bodies and vegetation. After detailed and accurate data collection, the stakeholders get to know the exact topography of the surveyed land. The collected data not only serves architects in integrating structures into the environment seamlessly. But it also enables civil engineers to design efficient drainage systems to get things done effectively.

2. Improved Planning & Design

Improved Planning Design
Topographic surveys are extremely useful when it comes to improving planning and design. And when planners and designers have the power to optimize their projects, they can efficiently ensure sustainability. Here is how they do it with the help of topographic surveys: First, the landscape is analyzed and then the planners & designers identify locations for building infrastructures, buildings, roads and other utilities. The engineers, then utilize the data to identify potential risks. After mitigating the risks and challenges, the engineers inform the concerned teams for proactive solutions. We must mention that the potential challenges can include environmental concerns, slope instability, drainage issues, etc. Allow us to share how this works through one simple example. When slope instability challenges are identified, the roads can be built in such a way that ensures appropriate gradients. By resolving potential risks, the stakeholders can ensure long-term safety for everyone.

3. Accuracy in Project Development

It’s a fact that the topo surveys enable the stakeholders to make informed decisions when it comes to planning and design. However, these surveys are crucial for maintaining accuracy in project development as well. For example; when modern lasers and GPS are incorporated into surveying the land, the surveyors can literally see every element that’s present beneath Earth’s terrain. Unlike conventional methods of land surveying, modern techniques and methods help determine what’s beneath the land. Then the collected information can be utilized to how the landscape can be transformed for the betterment of society.

4. Regulatory Compliance

We are sure that you know that several development projects depend on regulatory requirements. Then several zoning restrictions must be considered to ensure that the development project is good to go. Construction companies are required to comply with the industry and environmental standards and regulations. Not complying with the standards and regulations, etc. can result in several challenges including financial losses. However, if topo surveys have been conducted, the projects can be designed by complying with the regulatory frameworks. Also, if certain permits are required to build an infrastructure, then the concerned teams can get their hands on them too. So, you see, topographic surveys not only allow companies to make better choices but also protect them from severe risks. In addition, anyone and everyone who gets topographic surveys done can ensure a smooth and efficient project delivery.

5. Cost-effective Solutions

When you’re putting your money into something, you would want to make sure that it won’t result in a loss. Topographic surveys do exactly that but with more accuracy. Let us explain what we mean. A topographic survey can majorly contribute towards making cost-effective decisions. And it is very simple to understand. When the stakeholders design and plan structures knowing that there are no risks involved in the projects, etc., they would be confident in giving the go-ahead in formalizing their designs too. All of that becomes possible with the help of topographic surveys. Topographic surveys are even more beneficial when it comes to cost savings. For example; when teams have precise data to work on, they will also have access to accurate quantity take-offs. In addition, topo surveys also allow for improved resource allocation as well. We’re sure that you’d be happy to know that with topographic surveys, one can also ensure an error-free way of project development.

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6. Enhanced Communication between Stakeholders

Enhanced Communication between Stakeholders
Without being able to communicate with other stakeholders, you won’t be able to achieve your desired results. It’s a fact no one can deny, right? So, allow us to share that with topo surveys, you can also experience improved stakeholder communication. Here is how it is going to work for you and your teams: Once the land surveying is completed, you’d like to go through the collected data to discuss the way forward. Those discussions might include understanding the terrain’s complexities, identifying risks and then providing solutions to mitigate them. You would also like to talk about getting more teams on board, finalizing budgets and many other things. We must thank advanced technologies that foster an environment of collaboration and communication among stakeholders in various disciplines. Another aspect that we must highlight is that without clear communication, teams can get confused which might raise several issues. Such as disputes among stakeholders, reduced transparency, etc. So, you must make the most of modern-day methods to ensure that you and your teams are on one page. 

7. Sustainable Asset Management

Topographic surveys are equally helpful in both pre and post-development phases. One might think that they wouldn’t require the survey findings once the infrastructures have been developed but that’s not the case.

All the stakeholders might have to access land surveying data at one point even after the development stage. We would like to explain this through an example. When the facility managers have access to baseline data, they can proactively monitor changes that might occur in the terrain. They will be in a better position to identify potential risks such as erosion and offer solutions for efficient risk mitigation.

Topographical surveys can help you get your desired results right from the start. And we are sure that you won’t be disappointed after getting in touch with us. So contact us today and get things done your way!
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